Inspiration: The Countryside

So much of my creative inspiration comes from photographs.  They get my creative juices flowing. I absolutely adore the countryside and would love to someday live on a ranch style property with horses, huge oak trees, dirt road driveway, wildflowers, a barn, little ones running around.  But even if that doesn’t happen, I will enjoy what we have been blessed with and admire lovely photographs of the dream.

red barn
chestnut horse
countryside pathway
countryside solitude
country picnic
just married
summer cherries
misty rolling hills
country field wildflowers
dirt road
cowgirl boots

I hope these give you inspiration, too.  What gets your creative juices flowing?



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5 responses to “Inspiration: The Countryside

  1. Very peaceful atmosphere! I enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature as well. The LORD has provided us with the colors and sounds of nature which we copy. He gave us the colors of flowers, the soulnds of birds , tastes of fruit, chaos of weather, the coolness of shade trees and the and the cleanliness of water in many different ways. Nature is beautiful to relax our soul and inspire our every sense we were given. I try to look, listen, taste and feel it’s beauty.

  2. They are beautiful! Very inspiring!

  3. 🙂 Did you take this pictures? They are so good and adorable! 😀 The country is an inspiring spot for pictures! (: Keep on blogging girl! lol (:

  4. Andy Buckner

    Beautiful Photos!

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