Rustic Wedding Invitations

I recently had the pleasure of working with my first bride-to-be creating wedding invitations!  It was so heartwarming to know she truly appreciates my craft and she was patient with me as we worked out the kinks together, since this was my first time, ya know. [Insert cheeky-smile here.] It also helped that we had been roommates for a year during college so I wasn’t nervous at our coffee meetup to discuss all the details.

After checking out my online shop, she mentioned she really adores this style.

So we took that inspiration, made it a bit larger and out came a wedding invitation! Her colors are shades of blue paired with soft yellow.  Here are some photos of my samples I made with different patterned papers.  The first one has the pattern she chose.  As you can see from some of the others, the ivory ribbon gets a little lost, so we chose the tan ribbon for hers, which goes nicely with the top printed layer.

And here’s the packaging.  I’m so glad I was able to be there when she opened the box and saw them (finished) for the first time! So rewarding.

Do you have a wedding coming up or know a friend who does and are still in need of some stationery? I welcome custom orders and would love to sit down for coffee or tea if your in the area.  Please email me directly at:  Someday soon I hope to have these samples up online at Tiffany Lane Creations, too!



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    • Thank you very much. That means a ton coming from you, with your beautiful design work!

    • Yep, in final text it will be. These are in manuscript submission format since I’m still going to try the traditional press route before e-publishing. Numbers are supposed to be spelled out — which definitely looks strange to me. In archaeology reports, anything over 9 or 10 (depending on the journal) is numeric as are measurements.I suspect she carries a Glock, whether officially or unfo#icially&f8230;.

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