Craft Room Before + After [the desk]

Ok, I finally took the time to photograph my new and improved craft room, since I’ve had this desk for months now! Sorry it took me so long…

While my current space is not my perfect space yet, I am so thankful for what I do have. I now have this amazing table top to work on and that alone makes making cards and crafts so much easier! It’s a bit cluttered (unfortunately), but a lot of it is left over product and props from the craft fair.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

I love having the table top to work with and to store things on (and under, too!).  Now working is less work and more enjoyable.  I’m so blessed I have this space and thankful for all the things I have to fill it with.  Thank you, Lord.



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6 responses to “Craft Room Before + After [the desk]

  1. oh my gosh i love it!!! i dont know how i missed this post before. But so cute! must be a mini-dream come true for you!

  2. Julie Panter

    Very nice and creative!

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