Palette: [Future] Craft Room Inspiration

This surge of inspiration today comes from a lovely dress my coworker is wearing. It’s got pop of color, but the dull, pale ones. My favorite. Hues of soft greens-teals, creams and a touch of a peachy-rose.  I love the vintage and antique vibe the combination exudes. I think of sweet summer.

I’ve now decided on the color palette for my future craft room! That is unless of course I change my mind in between now and then. We’ll see.  And I say future because my current crafting space shares the guest bedroom and I’d bet the hubs wouldn’t approve of this color palette there. Unfortunately. So for now I dream up pretty things and lovely colors for a future to be determined.

Fortunately, we are starting to think about and look at buying homes, we’re just not sure it’s the right time for us. But if and when the move happens, I’ll keep you posted (pun intended) on my craft room updates, full with photos!

Plus, I haven’t given you the update since, oh my gosh, my first post! Remember my longing for an awesome craft desk, well it’s here, and has been for a while now. Sorry for my lacking in updates! I’ll soon post photos with before and after shots.

All that’s out of the way, so here’s the palette along with some inspirational eye candy:

Image Credits
teal jars by Leaping Gazelle
paper bunting and succulent favors by AveryHouse via Elizabeth Ann Designs
packaging via Casey Baudoin Pinterest via Zam Zaddy Tumblr
macaroons via Style Me Pretty
pink rose by Leaping Gazelle
red antique patterned paper by K & Company Collection via 1-2-3 Stitch

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