Pretty Packaging: Kraft

When it comes to gift giving, I can’t help but add my special rustic touch! To me, it makes any gift more meaningful knowing the love and care that went into the packaging alone.  Plus, it puts on a good first impression leading up to the actual gift.  And sometimes, the packaging can even be a gift in itself!

Our neighbors had us over for pizza one Friday night and for a small token of appreciation, I baked some breakfast scones for their family.  Since I love anything rustic, twine usually accompanies most of my gifts.  The kraft paper recipe card embellished with a lovely punch design adds the final touch.

The great thing about kraft paper is that it’s used by many companies for product packaging and most grocery stores also offer kraft paper grocery bags.  So it’s cheap and easy to find kraft paper you can repurpose into pretty packages!

Here are some other great kraft packaging ideas from around the web:

Courtesy of Amanda Rae

Courtesy of Sea Unicorn

Discovered via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Courtesy of Giver’s Log

Packaging from Trader Joe’s grocery bags

Courtesy of: a creative mint & ink and post

Discovered via postcards and pretties

What are your favorite packaging materials? Do you love kraft paper as much as I do?


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