The Inside Scoop

For my first official Tiffany Lane blog post, I decided to give you a peek into where these cards are created, as well as a little insight into who I am as a person and a crafter.

My Spot

So this is it…my spot.  In all its glory.  Where all the action happens.  My craft room….err the guest bedroom.  Either way, I occupy the 6′ by 6′ in between the guest bed and the wall (and yes, I measured!).  Organization is key.  Otherwise this guest bedroom may not be functional as an actual guest bedroom.

From afar, it may seem cluttered, but it’s as organized as it can be, given the space.  Filled to the edges and beyond with all my stuff: paper, envelopes, scraps, pens, stamps, ink, ribbon, cutting board, adhesives of all kinds, and so much more.  You can usually find me and my stuff scattered around my area of the floor with country radio spurring me on!  In my fantasy craft room…now that I think about it, having my own craft room is a fantasy in itself.  Regardless, in my fantasy craft room, I have a beautiful rustic (but practical) working desk, an awesome bookshelf-type piece and a permanent place to store my DIY photo light box for quick and easy use.  I keep telling myself that someday I’ll invest in that nice big working table, but that day just isn’t today.  So for now, I am content with my place as it is and have grand hopes for the future!

A Bit About Me

As my close friends and family know, I truly am a crafter at heart.  Anyway I can repurpose something to make it useful and practical, I’m in!  I’m all for multi-use and practicality.  It makes life so much easier.  In fact, I have been told by my mother-in-law (sweet as she is) it’s hard to find gifts for me when very few things have eight different purposes!  I’ll admit, very picky I am when it comes to buying…anything really.   I would rather have just a few of the things I want that can perform more than one task.  Living this way reduces clutter, creates storage and organizational ease, and makes all my little projects flow more efficiently.  Life simply becomes much more enjoyable.

Something most definitely included in my crafting tends to be our home decor.  I want it to be a true reflection of my family and our lifestyle and creating it myself does just that.  For one, it’s much cheaper to do-it-yourself, and secondly, I can make those things my own, taking inspiration from all over, but in the end creating something that truly reflects what I want it to.  And, being a lover of the natural side of life, burlap and twine linger at the top of my wish list, along with just about anything rustic (i.e. twigs, stone, natural weathering, raw wood; you get the picture).


Pictured above is a close up of the 4′ x 8′ bulletin board you might have noticed hanging on the wall in the first photo of this post.  Yep, I made it and for only about $15 bucks and 30 minutes of my time!  Now it not only fills the emptiness the wall once possessed, but it now allows me to create a platform for inspiration, memories and design.

Another passion of mine revolves around collecting wine corks.  They add such a cool dimension to home decor and when I can get them for free from fellow wine lovers, even better!  So, a few weeks ago I decided to try my hand at a first attempt to repurposing some of my corks: a trivet.  Being that we had no trivets at the time, it was the perfect little project.

This took less than ten minutes (active time) and cost no more than about $5 bucks!  My next wine cork project in the queue is a push-pin board projected to dual purpose as wall art, oh the excitement!

Free Yourself

The possibilities are endless when you allow yourself to think outside of the box and put your bank account to rest.  I’m telling you, life just seems more fulfilling when your home reflects who you are.  And creating your own home with your ideas and your handmade anythings will allow your own self to shine through.

It’s amazing what a little passion, time and money can produce and you can do it too!  I hope this inspires, encourages and opens your perspective, if even just a little, to a different way of life.  A life about love, family, creativity, do-it-yourself, and most importantly, remembering that we can’t live expectant of anything.  We are far more blessed than we deserve and every day is a gift.  So let’s not let these gifts go by unfulfilled, let’s make the best of them and make the best of who we are, each unique.

What to Expect

Now that you have some insight into my life, stay tuned for what you’re really here for:  crafting tips, DIY how-tos, organizational tricks, home decor, Tiffany Lane product updates, Etsy picks, special promos, repurposing, featured items, recipes and much more!

Want Even More?

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5 responses to “The Inside Scoop

  1. How did you make the bulletin board? I want one like this 🙂

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  4. Mom Neptune

    You are so talented, interesting and wonderful to know. I just look forward to all of the amazing things you will create: written, artistically, and in your life…..I love you.

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